2nd Group Meeting

On Thursday (instead of the previously arranged 27th of November) we met up in the library again to discuss what key points people had been thinking about and which points we felt we should work on.
Before the meeting I came up with a few sketched ideas of what various pages would look like so I could better explain my points, I tried to redesign some of the pages that desperately need changing and through said process I came up with various smaller points to thing about when coming up with designs.

Some of the main points we all felt we should focus on are below;

  • The main page – We all agreed the front page is too cluttered/unorganised and could do with a makeover
  • The donation button – The donation button is on the right hand side of most of the pages but doesn’t fit on properly, one solution to this would be to create a whole new page such as a sponsors page where you could donate and see the various advertised sponsors
  • Improve page layout
  • Come up with page designs
  • Mobile compatibility

Our group can now transfer our files/data through google drive and we continue to communicate through Facebook. We also agreed we need to come up with a better plan for future meetings as the process is rather unorganised when we got together this time round.

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