Camera and lighting

Camera and lighting


I started by trying to script my own follow player script for the default Unity camera then found an add-on called Cinemachine (Unity, 2021). Cinemachine provides pre-scripted cameras that have functions such as following an object, along with many variables that can be tweaked to change how the camera moves around a level (Figure 1). This saved time from having to create my own camera script and provided powerful features for gameplay.

Figure 1: Cinemachine Camera

Lighting/ Background

For the background I used a single plane, adding a material that had all specular removed to make it matt black. Ideally I would have built a full 3D environment for the background but with time limitations it just wasn’t possible.

For lighting there is one global directional light set at a low intensity, making it fairly dark to mimic a cave environment but while still being able to see. There are few other lights throughout the level, in each of the ancient temple areas, two at the top and multiple on the altar (See figure 2) at the end of the level.

The player character Lily also has lights on her to illuminate her surroundings, one on either side as when she changes directions the model is rotated 180 degrees (Figure 3).

Figure 2: Altar Lights (5 Total)
Figure 3: Player lights


Unity (2021). Cinemachine (version 2.6.3). [Software]. Available online: [Accessed 10/11/2020].

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