Immersive design video submission

Immersive design video submission My immersive design 360 virtual experience, influenced by Alice in Wonderland. Best played/v


Collaboration For the collaboration I did all of the binaural mixing whereas Natalie made the individual audio clips to insert

Immersive design overview

Immersive design overview To make the user’s experience immersive I’ve tried incorporating the use of different visuals, l


Rendering From the beginning I had been hoping to use the Viper render farm as its rendering capabilities far surpass my own P


Animation When starting the animation I went back to my storyboard and planned out how long I wanted each sequence to be, usin


Modelling Blender vs Maya All of the 3D assets used in the 360 experience were made in Blender. I decided to use Blender over


Planning Inspiration  As the brief was to create a 360 immersive experience influenced by Alice in Wonderland I started to lo

VR User experience

VR User experience Frame rate When playing a VR game that involves movement, it should run at ideally 90fps so as to avoid mot

Video submission

Video Submission Gameplay video submission with voiceover talking about the different game aspects.

What went well

What went well New skills Over the course of the module I’ve tried a lot of new areas that I haven’t gone into in depth be