Presentation Polishing/Online Meeting

For the final weekend before the presentation we looked over the feedback we were given during our practice presentation and t

Ninth Meeting

During this meeting I primarily focused on digital designs as well as helping other/giving suggestions or ideas to help progre

Eight Meeting

For the eight meeting we went to the mac labs to work on the presentation again, taking work we had done on paper and making i

Seventh Meeting

For this meeting we started to make our presentation on power point. To start off we decided what we would wanted to include o

Sixth Meeting

This meeting was more of an extension of the last meeting where we explored the ideas we had come up with previously to try an

Fifth Meeting

In this meeting we tasked ourselves with coming up with a rebranding for the arts barge project. To do this we decided to try

Fourth Meeting

This meeting was canceled as we all had an assignment deadline approaching and felt it would be more beneficial to work on the

Third Group Meeting

For this meeting we decided that we needed to make some form of character profile based on the target audience/users that we w

2nd Group Meeting

On Thursday (instead of the previously arranged 27th of November) we met up in the library again to discuss what key points pe

(Second) First Contact

At our first meeting we introduced ourselves as to get a better grasp of personalities and the names of everyone in the group,