Colour combat

Colour combat

When the player starts, the world has no vibrant colours, only black and white. When progressing through the game the player brings colour back into the world by activating ancient altars. In this prototype, however, the player already has three colours unlocked for her staff weapon as do the enemies.

How it works

The player has the ability to swap their staff between three different colours available to them; green (figure 1), orange (figure 2) and purple (figure 3) by pressing either Z, X or C. The enemies are the complimentary colours of the staff and come in yellow, red and blue (figure 4), green is complimentary to red, orange to blue and purple to yellow. Any hits done with a non-complementary colour cuts the damage you do in half.

I spent a lot of timeĀ  thinking about how to showcase the colour combat in full while only having a single level to do. Unfortunately trying to work out a way to teach the player in such a short period and space was too limiting so I ended up adding all three colours so that the full combat could still be seen.

Figure 4: All three coloured enemies, blue yellow and red

Altar activation

The altar (Figure 5) is activated by pressing E and in doing so causes light to shine into the center prism, lighting up the area. In initial concepts the altars were supposed to be area specific, producing a specific colour that changed the enemies and environment around it when activated.

Figure 5: Prism altar in editor

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