DS Blog Post 2 – Technical Development

Gantt Chart

I created a Gantt chart (Fig. 1) to plan out and monitor the progress of work for the module, working towards the set deadline and adjusting when tasks took longer than expected.

Figure 1. Gantt Chart


Encounters – Integer

Stores the total number of encounters the player has been through and is updated at the end of each encounter. Once this reaches 3 the game goes into the final destination state.

Gold – Integer

Stores the amount of gold the player has.

Food_water – Integer

Stores the amount of food and water the player has.

Party_Members – Integer

Stores the number of members in the player’s party.

HR_Encounter – Boolean

MR_Encounter – Boolean

LR_Encounter – Boolean

One of these booleans are set to true when in a specific risk encounter, this then activates a script to choose a random encounter from that risk tier.

Unused variables

Current_Encounter – Integer

Was originally going to be used to to pick a random encounter but was replaced with a script.

Name – String

This may be used in the future but is currently unused and would have allowed the player to enter a custom character name.  

Software to be used:

Unity (2020.1.9f1)

Unity (Unity Technologies, 2020) will be the game engine I use to create my game and while I will primarily be using Fungus (Fungus Ltd, 2020) to create a visual novel, I may need to create some parts of the game via C# Scripting.

Fungus add-on/plugin (3.13.4)

Fungus is an add-on which is primarily used to create Visual novels, interactive fiction RPG and point & click games. In theory you don’t need any programming as Fungus uses a flowchart style programming method, however, I may end up programming to create the more complicated parts of my game. Creating art and inserting them as character portraits, I will use Fungus to create dialogue between the protagonist and side characters. 

Photoshop (Adobe, 2020) 

Photoshop will be used mostly for backgrounds and character portraits along with the use of a drawing tablet to create clean, polished art. I may use Illustrator (Adobe Inc., 2020) for menus and dialogue boxes due to its vector art capabilities, being able to export high resolution images at any size.


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