IEE Game concept expanded

In the end I decided to go with making a mech game using cardboard makey makey controllers for movement and attacks.

To make this game a reality I will have to first make a basic working mech game that allows for some replay-ability such as a arcade style survive as long as you can game where getting a high score is the main aim. If I Include a high score I will probably have to include a text document to hold the various scores and names. I plan on making the game in unity as I believe it will be easier to code and will improve my C# programming knowledge, something which is sought after in the gaming industry.

The control scheme for my game so far is based on tank based movement where there will be two main sticks, one that moves left/right which will rotate the mech and another that moves forward and backwards for walking forward and backwards. On one of the controller handles I plan of implementing a button that can be pressed to fire bullets and possibly another to shoot rockets.

My control scheme might change slightly to match that of an actual car depending on how it feels to play it, with pedals for acceleration and deceleration, with the two sticks for up/down and left/right rotation.

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