Initial concept ideas 15/10/18

AR Origami
The first idea I had was to make an AR experience where you would aim your phone/device at a piece of paper. It would attach itself to the piece of paper in the real life, show you how to fold it real time and create origami designs.

I quite like this idea but due to my lack of technical knowledge of AR development I don’t know that I could make it a reality, unless I made it more simple to just display the origami above the paper instead of attached to it, displaying the steps with lines for the folds and arrows for direction.

Creation sheet (AR)
Another similar idea I have is to combine a paper based game with AR or perhaps just a simple app where you draw onto a sheet of paper and your drawings and brought to life. You could also draw clothes, weapons, armour etc to equip your player, possibly having a section of the game to refine your drawings on your electronic device.

Having had a look around I found that this idea isn’t uncommon and has been done in various different forms, however I could try designing it for different genres to make it more original such as some form of card game where you draw your own cards, input the type of class, weapon, armour they have and have the game generate random values for attack and defence.

Cardboard Mech
My latest idea is to create some form of Mech game that requires the player to control a robot with cardboard controls that would match the ones in the game. To make this I would have to design and make physical cardboard controls with a makey-makey kit, the controls would either be free standing or would sit on a desktop. Free standing controls could look quite good and could be used in front of a projector or smart-board but would be hard to construct and transport, desktop controls would be easier to transport but may lack the impact the free standing may have.
If I go with this idea i’m more likely to choose the desktop controls mainly for the practicality of them but I will have to consider the size and placement while building them so that they won’t get in the way of the monitor in use.

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