Planning and production

At this stage I now have a very basic version of the game, where the player can move, look up/down and shoot enemies which currently disappear as soon as a bullet touches them.

For the moment I’m not making any assets and i’m instead prioritising making a minimum viable product that a player can play from start to end as a proper game, so that people can test it out during the hypertalk. After I have the bare minimum I can then start adding assets, textures, enemies and overall polish the game to a more presentable stage.

Core mechanics and functionalities:

– Shooting
– Enemies
– Player/Enemy health
– Score
The player will shoot a high amount of bullets per second from two spots on the front of the mech (may add power ups to change type/power of bullets)
Small spherical floating robot, flies towards the player. (Further types maybe be added such as ground based infantry or ones that fire back at the player)
For there to be a end game scenario there must be player health this includes IU to display player health.
Score goes up every second and stops when the player dies. (High-score table will probably be added towards the end of the assignment)

Core Assets

– Mech
– Enemy
– Bullet
– Arena
– Score UI
A mech will be required so that enemies have something to hit and bullets have a place to be produced from.
Similarly enemies will require a model so that the player has something to shoot at.
The player will have to defend themselves by firing at the approaching enemies which requires a bullet model for collision conditions.
An arena will be required so that the enemies have somewhere to come from without looking unnatural as well as a platform for the player to move on.
Score UI lets the player see how well they’re doing and allows them to try beat their previous score.

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