FYP Blog Post 2 – Project planning

Gantt Chart

To help plan out the project I have created a Gantt chart to allow me to measure my progress and see how much time I have remaining.

Looking at the current estimated days I don’t quite have enough time to do everything so going forward I will be simplifying and removing tasks that aren’t 100% necessary for a minimum viable product.

Agile Workflow

Currently I have been working in two week sprints where I take tasks and schedule them over two weeks. Using Agile methodology (Workfront, 2020) allows for a flexible workflow, suited to University coursework where you also have to take part in lectures and complete weekly lab work.


For the sound portion of the game I will be collaborating with Natalie Gall, a University of Hull graduate music student who has experience with game sound effects and music. While I already have a list of some required music/sound effects I need to finalise it before discussing with Natalie how we want them to feel and sound. This list will be a document describing the type of sounds required with examples of similar works along with a description of the game/scenes to help put them in context. Once the document is finished I will discuss everything in further detail and request a timeline for delivery of assets. As Natalie has already graduated and is doing this in her free time on a non-profit basis I will initiate this work a.s.a.p. to ensure there are no issues with delivery time.


Workfront (2020) Agile Project Management Methodology. Available online: https://www.workfront.com/project-management/methodologies/agile?fbclid=IwAR0l2_FrJG_-tFJ8i50CpxsaC3JsCYqVwHR8Kzi_d0exUuvhdU_xQV-q1sE [Accessed 17/05/2020].

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