(Second) First Contact

At our first meeting we introduced ourselves as to get a better grasp of personalities and the names of everyone in the group, we then all went round saying what course we are doing as to get an idea of peoples skill sets and possibly strengths/weaknesses.
After introductions we compared our notes that we had made during the meeting with the Arts Barge people (Hannah and Christian) to make sure we were all on the same page (I also plan on sharing my revision of notes that are written in a word document so everyone has a summary). Once we had written any missing notes we went on to discuss initial focus points and times for group meetings as we felt it would be best to meet in person. The initial focus points/tasks are as follow:

  • To come up with individual concepts of the page
  • Make a way of easily sharing documents I.E. Google OneDrive or dropbox
  • Look into mobile compatibility (We felt the current website was poorly optimized with mobiles and that due to the target audience being us/people our age, mobile phone compatibility would be important due to how phones are commonly used to browse the internet)
  • Read through the module handbook and up to page 75 in “Design thinking for visual communication”

We then made a Facebook group/chat to use as our primary form of communication along with adding each other as friends.
My Group (1) consists of:

  • Thomas Mayger
  • Sarah Elizabeth Day
  • Connor Miller
  • Jenny Su
  • Boglarka Borba

We will next have a meeting on the 27th of October to show each other the concepts we have come up with, hopefully the group chat/meeting will make everyone a bit more sociable towards each other.

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