Third Group Meeting

For this meeting we decided that we needed to make some form of character profile based on the target audience/users that we want to use the site.
To do this we had a brainstorming session to come up with a variety of questions to ask potential users, I.E. people from our age group. Our task now is for each of us to ask multiple people these questions, this will allow us to create a character profile, from that we will potentially be able to come up with scenarios and we will have a clearer idea of what specifically needs digitally enhancing.

A few of the basic questions we came up with to start the character profile were;
– Age
– Sex
– Music preference (Genre)
– Location (I.E. where they live)
– Do they play an instrument, if so what?

Along with this we also discussed possible features for the website and any ideas people had come up with since the last meeting.

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