What went well

What went well

New skills

Over the course of the module I’ve tried a lot of new areas that I haven’t gone into in depth before such as making a fully functional character with animations and implementing along with programming them in Unity. 

It also gave me another opportunity to collaborate with Natalie and the experience that comes from working with another person.


Throughout the development of the game I was in regular contact with Natalie to work with sounds/music but she also provided feedback on the game and concept art. Getting feedback from others on movement was also especially helpful to help iron out any issues with gameplay.


Natalie did a great job with the sound, with people saying how it gives the game a strong atmosphere. I think it also benefitted control feedback, for example when hitting enemies and stalactites you can really tell you’ve hit them because of the sound.

The music really fits the environment and provides more depth when playing through the level.


Using a .blend file instead of having to repeatedly export a .fbx ended up saving a lot of time as it auto-refreshed anytime a change was made within Blender. 

Using prefabs helped make level design a lot more efficient by creating already setup enemies or tiles that I could duplicate easily and place around the level.

Concept art

I feel like all of the concept art at the beginning of the module really helped paint a picture of what the game could be like and could still be beneficial when I continue with this project after University.


While testing movement and getting feedback from others, I think I managed to interactively improve the movement and produce a movement system that felt nice to use. 

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